Nature Journaling is the process of documenting and interpreting the wonders of nature through observation and the application of all our senses. With the method of documenting, as individual as the person and subjects that nature has created, nature journaling helps deepen our connection, understanding and appreciation for all of nature and its' wonders.

The benefits of nature journaling are vast, but here are some:

  • an increased appreciation and connection to our nature, bird,  native flora and wildlife habitats;
  • improved cognition and memory;
  • reduction of stress and anxiety, and increased feeling of well-being, through being out in nature;
  • improved observation skills;
  • better drawing and artistic skills and application;
  • a sense of peace and tranquility through the act of slowing down and being present.
  • an increased sense of wonder, curiosity and imagination.

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What is Nature Journaling?


Director|Social Worker, My Life Team

After first attending Kerry’s Nature Journaling workshop, I realised how easy it was to draw and paint - especially the natural world. I never believed I had much skill but Kerry taught me a few very basic techniques. These easy processes helped me to focus and I surprised myself at things I could draw. This boosted my confidence no end, so I practiced at home. As a direct result of my increased confidence I’ve now enrolled in Art Therapy studies and plan to use this as a one of the modalities in my NDIS and counselling business. Thank you Kerry for your gentle ways of unlocking not just my skills but my confidence too. 


I recently took the Beginner Nature Journaling Workshop with Kerry and it was fantastic! I especially enjoyed the structure of the workshop as each activity built upon the previous one and gave an excellent foundation for the actual nature journaling. Kerry taught me to look at nature and drawing in a completely different way and was very inspirational.




Nature Journaling Events

  • Drawing activities to free self-doubt.
  • Learn to draw flowers, wildflowers and plants.
  • Learn to use a multi-liner pens and watercolour pencils. 
  • Shading techniques to add depth.
  • Complete your journaling page through story-telling.

Floral Fusion: Art & Nature Journaling Workshop for Beginners

Date: 20th April, 2024
Location: Beenleigh Q
Cost: $95 per person


  • Drawing activities to free self-doubt
  • Learn to draw any object
  • Learn simple techniques to draw main elements of a landscape.
  • Complete your journaling page through story-telling.

This event was held in collaboration with, and kindly sponsored by Slacks Creek Catchment Restoration Group.

Landscapes Made Simple:
Nature Journaling for Beginners

Date: 11th February, 2024
Venue: Riverdale Park, Qld
Cost: FREE

Foster a deeper connection with nature, by slowing down, observing and recording your observations of plants, animals and your environment, through the art and practice of nature journaling.

This workshop was in collaboration with and sponsored by Logan Arts, Logan City Council.

Slow Arts and Crafts Saturdays:
Introductory Nature Journaling

Date: 27th April, 2024
Location: Kingston Q
Cost: FREE

This is a hands-on sketching class where you will explore drawing a variety of subjects found in nature.

This foundational skills-based workshop is suitable for beginners and those looking to refine their art and nature journaling, as well as general drawing skills.

Sketching Nature: Basic Techniques for Art & Nature Journaling
Date: 3rd August, 2024
Location: Logan Village, Qld
Time: 9am - 12pm
Cost: EARLY BIRD $60


Springbrook Environmental Festival:
Introductory Nature Journaling

Date: 8th June, 2024
Location: Springbrook Qld
Cost: FREE

Come along and enjoy environmental activities and exploration, including my 2hr interactive Nature Journaling Workshop. Get out in nature, and learn some quick and easy, hands-on nature journaling field techniques.

This workshop is in collaboration with and sponsored by Watergum Community Inc.


This meetup is perfect for those new to nature journaling as well as those who would like more practice in a field environment. 

This is not a workshop, but a casual meetup to practice nature journaling with other people in a friendly, supportive environment.

September Meetup: Nature Journaling in the Field
Date: Sunday 1st September 2024
Location: Berrinbah Wetlands, 
Time: 9am - 11am
Cost: FREE (available 19th July)